A well-researched curriculum developed by an experienced team

Education is all about the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation that children receive, which lets them forward their ambitions and gives wings to their dreams. A child will learn well when he is able to associate the learning with positive experiences. This enables him to put his best foot forward and inculcates skills that last a lifetime.

Beyond the educator’s role, positive vibes and a curriculum designed to be in sync with the latest global research and the child’s stage of growth will deliver the best results for your child's all-round development. The advanced curriculum is developed using the same strategy as used in Harvard and Oxford universities.

Selection of teachers with multiple selections and elimination strategy

The role of educators and tutors can never be undermined for children’s learning. When a tutor genuinely feels for a pupil’s well being, he becomes successful at his work. We take utmost care in choosing the best-suited tutors for coaching your children – with a procedure that involves multiple selections and elimination strategy.

After selection they go through training process and each educator is closely monitored for best output from children. Our tutors help create a positive foundation, which promotes a lifelong aptitude for learning in a child.

Bridging gap between theoretical and practical approach

Classroom lectures are likely to fail to amuse a child in many cases, and a child must be able to sync his cognition with a concept to delight in learning. As powered by global research in education and its application – highlighted by on-ground success, we attempt to impart education in ways that actually help a child learn!

We always ensure that all children stay on the same page in terms of education and move with the class. Personal attention to all pupils is one of our traits that we take a great deal of pride in.


We aim to make students learners for life! Learning is a never-ending process, and when the right foundations are created at a stage when the mind is growing and eager to know more, it works well for a child at many levels.


We intend to make our scientific-educational methodology more holistic and promote it at all academic arenas to let even more students benefit from our educational culture.Our mission is to bring the best out of each child and make them self-learner and competent to face all real-world challenges with confidence. We aim to develop such high EQ to ensure each child realizes self-potential and self-worth and succeed.

The Team

The factors that bind our entire team, including administration and management staff together are the love for children and education, and the desire to take further steps for their betterment. Our mentors come with a rich background in education and intend to promote a holistic format of education, which greatly stands to benefit younger children. Education is what one retains when all is forgotten. When children perceive theoretical knowledge as a part of what they see in the world, we believe that we make them better learners.

Soft skill development starts from an early age. Confidence and pleasing personality are the key to success. Profession can differ but confidence is a must in which ever area you choose. The education we impart works well not just for a child's career post education, but also for his entire life.

Interesting Facts:-

  • A successful person reads on an average of 4-5 books per year.
  • 93% of successful entrepreneurs started when they were kids.
  • Writes like Ruskin Bond wrote there first novel at the age of 17
  • Singer like Justin Biber started singing at the age of 15
  • Entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg started at the age of 12
  • Actor Leonardo DiCaprio started at the age of 5
  • Author Abhijita Gupta started at the age of 7
  • TEDx speaker Ivania is 7-year-old

We don’t ask children what they want to become in future?

The objective should be to raise them confident enough to realize and work to achieve that now.

Some of us think when to start?

The answer is NOW.